The 5R Encounter

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Relaxation, Restoration, Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Reconciliation

October 4th – 7th, 2018

Retreat Yourself WELL!

Join the 5R VIP Encounter Wellness Team for a weekend getaway to the Emerald Coast in beautiful Destin, Florida. Explore uncommon experiences that will transform you into living your fullest, most abundant and BEST life possible.

The 5R Encounter  is designed to help women, as divine beings, challenge the societal view of what beauty is, all while engaging in a mind, body, spirit transformative wellness renewal.

We will challenge society’s view of what beautiful is and what it is not. We will discover new ways to embrace our femininity and explore our bodies in healthy and empowering ways.

The 5R Encounter is more than a short rest from everyday responsibilities; it’s a joyous excursion into spiritual truths that refreshes, reinvigorates and reconnects us to God, each other and ourselves. During your stay with us you will have the opportunity to open your hearts, mind and spirit and engage at a much deeper lever as you work to.

2018 5R Encounter

Become Whole. Stronger. Happier and Healthier.

Be prepared as this transformational encounter will take you on blissful journey of divine self-discovery. You will discover new ways to connect with your inner goddess. You will be a part of a supportive sisterhood where you will experience freedom, accountability and encouragement to stand in and fully embrace your uniqueness that is based on your actions, choices and individuality, not your weight, age or skin color.

We can’t wait for you to experience the transformation, healing, spiritual grounding, and inspiring opportunities that await you throughout the Encounter! Our team has designed your retreat days to balance abundant learning with space to savor, be present, and integrate it all.  Check out A Day In A Life to get a glimpse of some of the things that we have in store for you.


Discover Your Extraordinary Life


It’s Time To Discover Your Extraordinary Life!

You Deserve It! So Prepare To Indulge at the 5R Wellness Encounter!

We invite you to bring your mother, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, or that special sister friend and Join us in beautiful Destin, Florida.

You will be surrounded by women who will raise you higher and offer the support that will help you to live the life you truly want to live.

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About 5R

About The 5R Encounter

The 5R Encounter Is Sponsored & Hosted By Be YOUniquely You GlobalOur goal at BYYGlobal is to empower women, instill and reinforce a sense of self worth, purpose, identity, sustainability and well being into the lives of others through our conferences, workshops, special events and inspirational apparel.

We believe that when God created the earth He spoke and said let there “BE” and it was. Whatever God spoke, it was done. Whatever He commanded remained.The 2018 5R Encounter

BE YOUniquely You is being able to do the impossible.  To be who you were created to “BE” while embracing what is special and unique about you. Each of us is designed as an original masterpiece. We were created for a purpose in the kingdom of God.

Your family dynamics, past mistakes or even your present circumstances do not define who you are or what you can accomplish in life.

Mission: For each woman experience the 5R’s in her own special and unique way. Our goal is that when you depart that you will leave whole and reconciled with God, your identity, your purpose, your sense of self, your health and your future.

Who is This Retreat Designed For:

The woman who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The woman who needs to be recharged, refreshed and renewed in her mind, body and spirit. The fall is the perfect time to slow down and take things in.

At the 5R VIP Encounter, we will provide a space for you to do just that.

In the presence of sisterhood, you will have the opportunity to move and to be still, to read, write, express yourself, to talk and to listen. This weekend is perfect for you if you desire a weekend getaway, at which you can enjoy a slower pace and dedicated time for simply getting back to you.

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The 5R Vip Women’s Encounter

The 5R VIP Encounter

The 5 R Encounter

What is the 5R VIP Encounter?

Imagine finding yourself in a peaceful, tranquil, authentic piece of heaven on earth, where you envelop yourself in the loving embrace of coaches, counselors and session facilitators; all dedicated to helping you heal, rejuvenate and find your way to your authentic self.

Imagine connecting with your innermost passions, dreams and desires, indulging in life changing and impactful sessions, and amazing food. Imagine developing and strengthening bonds of sisterhood, prayer walks, yoga, and the exploration of one of the most private and beautiful beaches in Florida.

Then imagine boarding the plane and or your drive back home with a renewed enthusiasm and a clear plan for creating the life of your dreams!The 5R Wellness Team is dedicated to providing you with a life enhancing, soul-satisfying retreat encounter and the Emerald Coast of Destin has been selected as the perfect backdrop for a truly transformative experience.

Are you looking for an opportunity to relax while learning to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit?

Do you feel that you need to reconnect with your life’s purpose and direction?

Do you desire more connection in your relationships?

If you have answered “YES”, then the 5R Encounter is specifically designed for you.

Why the 5R VIP Encounter:

The 5R Encounter will allow you a luxurious, stress-busting immersive mind-body wellness experience. At the Encounter, you are encouraged to renew your mind, re-center your body, and refresh your spirit.

This 5R integrative approach is dedicated to helping you rejuvenate so that you can implement key ingredients needed to experience optimal health and spiritual wellness, as you sharpen your authentic self.

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