Two luxurious and very beautiful vacation rentals have been selected to host and provide accommodations for the retreat. We have  carefully selected the Jewel and The Big House By The Sea.

The Destin Jewel

The Big House By The Sea

The Destin Jewel will be the host site for the Encounter. All sessions, coaching, experiences, encounters and meals will take place at the Jewel. Accommodations at the Jewel is very limited.

For your convenience transportation will be provided between the two properties

All rooms are based on double occupancy with the exception of the quad and dorm rooms. Rooms have either one king bed, two queen beds or a combination of kings and twin berths.

The dorm rooms vary with a mixture of twin, full and queen size berth beds.

All rooms and beds will be assigned on a first come first served basis. If you already have a roommate please inform us at the time of registration.

Single occupancy rooms can be made available upon request and at a higher rateREGISTER early as space is limited.

For questions or additional information we invite you to email us at

Thank you!