Retreat Schedule

Retreat Schedule

A Day In The Life at The 5R Encounter

We can’t wait for you to experience  healing, transformation,  the grounding, and inspirational opportunities that await you throughout the Encounter!

Our team has designed your Encounter Days to balance abundant learning with space to savor, be present, and integrate it all.


1:00 PM  Arrival, Welcome and  Check In

7:00 PM Dinner En Blanc On The Beach

Friday & Saturday

6:30 AM Morning Rituals

We begin all of our days together by savoring beautiful morning encounters that help us connect with God, Spirit and ourselves. This may include prayer, guided meditations, mindfulness practices, self reflection, and gentle movement.

7:00 AM  Guided Morning Walk And Stretch

A 45 minute walk will be led each morning along our private beach. Move with us! Or take this time as a break.

8:30 AM Breakfast 

Then we share a delicious and nutritionally vibrant breakfast so we can start our days deeply nourished. Our menus are a way for you to actually experience, not just learn about, functional nutrition.

9:30 AM  Experiential Learning Activities – Session 1

The heart and soul of our retreats.  These sessions are where we offer powerful tools to support your mind, body, relationships, and work in the world.  Our format is experiential meaning we teach through transformational experiences. No power point, endless white boards, or long sessions while someone chimes on and on. Expect to be engaged and actively participating in each session. And powerfully impacted by what you experience.

10:45 PM Break

A short break to recharge and prepare for the next learning session.

11:00 PM Experiential Learning Activities – Session 2

Our second power session of the day.  These sessions will build upon each other offering evidence based tools to up-level various aspects of your life. Topics will include personalizing your nutrition, overcoming health challenges, listening to your body, moving through barriers to health, creating the best relationships of your life, navigating your thoughts and emotions, becoming a stress management ninja, cultivating your inner wisdom, befriending fear, becoming a catalyst for change, and living with a sense of profound purpose and contentment.

12:15 PM Lunch

Delicious, inspired, creative, and always prepared with love. We design our meals to nourish your body and soul while echoing our spiritual, health and wellness  teachings. Meals with purpose that you will savor all week long.

1:15 PM Experiential Learning Activities – Session 3

Our final guided learning session and activity of the day.  Often the most impactful.  Grow, learn, explore, and find out what makes you thrive.

2:30 PM Transition Time

A short break to step outside, breathe deep, and prepare to be rejuvenated by our movement sessions.

3:00 PM  Daily Movement

This is a time we carve out during the day for physical activity & movement. A daily all levels fitness and yoga class will be offered on the beach and poolside.

4:00 PM Personal Time

Another opportunity to connect with your goals and your needs.  Soak in the hot tub, ride a bike, take a nap, read a book, enjoy the amazing women at the Encounter with you, call your loved ones and share your experience, go for a walk, explore the beautiful natural surroundings or sit quietly and soak up the views.  Do the things that will support your learning and process. Or take take to simply be.

6:00 PM Dinner

Savor another beautiful meal with the amazing group of women you are learning alongside. Expect nutrient rich and wildly delicious menus.

7:30 PM Integration

True learning and transformation requires space.  To breathe, to let things shift, to laugh with those around you, to celebrate the work you are doing, and to simply BE. Develop your practice of creating a tranquil space.

9:30 PM Rest & Restore

Soak up the opportunity to be away from it all. To sleep deeply and fully.  To let your body recover from the fast pace of your daily life. And to give your brain and body the support it needs to do the incredible and very important work you are doing.


Final schedule TBD.

*** Actual daily schedules may change based on the needs and inspiration of the group.***

We invite you to JOIN US!

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